Should Your Business Fix Potholes in the Winter?

Should Your Business Fix Potholes in the Winter?

Should Your Business Fix Potholes in the Winter?

When asphalt repair services come to mind, most people tend to think of work during warmer months of the year. But what about fixing winter potholes? Here, experts will explain why it's a good idea for businesses to fix winter potholes rather than wait until spring and some of the methods used to repair them.

Why you should repair winter potholes

Sometimes it's a good idea not to wait until spring to fix winter potholes. Even though you may not be excited about the idea of embarking on a cold-weather paving project, waiting to fix these repairs can lead to additional damage. Freezing and thawing cycles, tripping hazards for pedestrians, holes that can damage vehicles, and water damage potential can multiply by waiting for repairs. In addition, unsightly damages on a parking lot can turn off customers or tenants and potentially lose you money.

What options are available for commercial asphalt repair?

There are several ways to repair potholes in the winter months, including:

  • Cold patch

 Cold patching is a temporary solution that will need removal and replacement with a more permanent repair solution once weather conditions improve.

  • Saw cut removal

Saw cut removal is more of a permanent fix that involves hot asphalt mix application that is only applicable on days when temperatures are above freezing.

  • Infrared asphalt restoration.

This process is a unique method requiring new hot mix asphalt to be paired with the old asphalt and packed down to create a seamless repair.

Why you should use infrared asphalt repair

Infrared asphalt repair brings several benefits, including:

  • You can recycle the asphalt as you repair it.
  • It is a more permanent option for repair than a cold patch or saw cutting.
  • It eliminates the possibility of water seepage.
  • It requires less material, manpower, and equipment to complete.
  • It can help with more than potholes.

Infrared asphalt repair helps fix sunken utility cuts, buckled surfaces, and improper seams.

Other steps you can take to preserve your parking lot.

There are several ways you can extend the life of your commercial parking lot beyond just filling in potholes.

  • Don't wait to fix cracks.

When you spot small cracks, please make an effort to have them repaired quickly to prevent the base of your lot from accumulating water and causing the cracks to grow.

  • Repair drainage problems.

Repairing drainage problems right away is important because standing water can eventually seep into your asphalt and lead to cracks and potholes. Be sure your lot is draining properly by inspecting it after storms.

  • Regular cleaning.

Routine cleaning makes it easier to notice cracks or drainage issues, helps prevent debris damage, and keeps your parking lot presentable.
Applying a sealcoat.

In addition to the ability to shield your lot from the elements, sealcoating can make a parking lot look new long after the paving is completed. Sealcoating in Angel’s Camp, CA, can last several years when it is performed correctly.

Be sure to contact M. Carroll Blacktop Services for sealcoating in Angel’s Camp, CA. We have over 45 years in the industry and can offer you the professionalism and expertise you expect to support your business needs.

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