Sealcoating Your Parking Lot to Protect Your Investment

Sealcoating Your Parking Lot to Protect Your Investment

Sealcoating Your Parking Lot to Protect Your Investment

Parking lots are one of the first things that a customer notices about a business. Asphalt sealant can vastly improve your parking lot’s visual appeal to existing customers and potential clients. In addition, a freshly sealcoated parking lot gives people the impression that you care about the appearance and cleanliness of your establishment. Even better though, sealcoating in French Camp, CA, helps to prevent future damages to your parking lot surfaces from weather exposure, high traffic volumes, and erosion.

Asphalt paving is more forgiving than concrete surfaces because of its pliability. However, asphalt can take years to cure entirely and often experiences minor scarring on the surface from heavy vehicles making sharp turns or tractor tire treads, especially in hot weather conditions. This scarring rarely damages the structural integrity of the asphalt, but cracking on the asphalt surface indicates an issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible to avoid further costly repairs.

Water and asphalt cracks

Cracks on the surface of your asphalt parking lot deserve immediate attention. Water intrusion into the gaps will cause structural damage to the asphalt base, leading to costly repairs or the need for repaving. The introduction of water to the internal structure of an asphalt structure will begin to break down asphalt components and erode them into smaller pieces. The initial erosion allows the erosion of the foundation of the structure. Small cracks left untreated will lead to the development of potholes that require expensive repairs to fix correctly.

Protecting your investment

Using a commercial-grade asphalt sealant is essential for protecting your new asphalt surfaces. Contractors should apply the high-quality sealcoating within a year of initial installation, but many experts suggest doing so around the 90-day mark. Sealcoating should be repeated every two to three years after the initial process to ensure the longevity of your new asphalt surface. The exact time frame for a new layer of sealcoating can vary depending upon environmental conditions, heavy traffic, and weather conditions. But if the asphalt surface starts to fade, sealcoating is in order.

Because sealcoating is designed to seal out the elements, once an asphalt surface is sealed, water cannot be absorbed into the pavement and will roll off of the asphalt instead. In addition, sealcoating will revive the look of your parking lot by bringing back the dark black sheen that it had when contractors freshly laid it.

Asphalt sealant dries quickly in the hot California sun, but in some cooler regions, additives can help speed up the drying process significantly. At any rate, in many cases, traffic can be reintroduced in twelve to twenty-four hours from the time of application.
Asphalt installation can be a significant investment for commercial properties, so protecting the asphalt surface through sealcoating makes perfect sense financially.

Contact us today for more information on sealcoating in French Camp, CA. Our family-owned and operated paving company has the experience and expertise to help you protect and maintain your commercial parking lot for years to come.

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