Safety Tips For Working With Asphalt

Safety Tips For Working With Asphalt

Safety Tips For Working With Asphalt

It can be dangerous to work with asphalt, so most experts encourage homeowners to leave the job to a professional. Unfortunately, injuries and deaths have occurred even among properly trained and skilled asphalt contracting crews. Following these tips can minimize the risk of injury if you decide to install asphalt paving in Rio Vista, CA.

Keep the area secure.

It is vital to secure the area that you are paving from cars or people passing by. Securing the site is tough when paving a road or parking lot, but it's much easier when paving a private driveway. Ensure everyone working in the area is wearing proper safety gear and use barricades or signs to warn drivers of the work area. Installing ample lighting and wearing reflective vests is crucial if you will be doing your work at night. Keeping all work areas brightly lit is essential to avoid the risk of accident and injury.

Use care when getting off and on machinery.

Were you aware that accidents while getting off and on machinery are the number one cause of injury for professional equipment operators? You should always wear boots and high grip gloves when working with heavy machinery. Before climbing up, remove any mud off of the machine and then make sure you have a secure grip on your hand and footholds. Step ladders can also be helpful when climbing up and down. It is important not to overreach and to use careful movements.

Be aware of your environment.

There can be many dangerous obstructions when working with asphalt. Trees, power lines, and buried utilities should always be marked with barrier tape or sawhorses so that everyone knows their locations and can avoid any serious accidents or injuries.

Limit your audience.

People love being around big machines. That means that your family and friends will probably want to watch you during your work with asphalt. Unfortunately, the more people allowed in the area, the more significant probability of accidents or injuries occurring. Keep your audience away from the immediate area where you are working, and be sure to always look for people or pets before using a machine, turning, or backing up.

Mind the machine.

During loading and unloading of every heavy machinery, rollover is always a risk. Be sure to confirm that everything is stable and use a spotter to help you notice problems and dangers that you may not recognize. It is also always essential to stay centered on ramps. Tie down machinery with materials rated for the weight and load size rather than using a rope.

Using a professional asphalt contractor is always the best way to go when working with asphalt. Unfortunately, severe accidents are possible even when professionals are doing the work. If you're serious about doing asphalt yourself, though, it is crucial to follow the recommendations above to keep yourself and others safe. When running short on time or budget, it can be tempting to cut corners. But remember that no amount of money or time is worth risking your life or safety.

Contact M. Carroll Blacktop Services today for asphalt paving in Rio Vista, CA. We have the experience and expertise to ensure that safety is a top priority.

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