Right and Wrong Ways to Install an Asphalt Driveway

Right and Wrong Ways to Install an Asphalt Driveway

Right and Wrong Ways to Install an Asphalt Driveway

The functionality and appearance of your home’s driveway contributes significantly to its overall curb appeal. A damaged and broken driveway not only looks terrible, but it could potentially cause damage to your tires or those of guests. Replacing asphalt driveways will have to be done occasionally. There are several ways to install an asphalt driveway. You can rely on a professional asphalt installation company, do it yourself, or hire a handyman. Who you choose for installation will influence the quality of the services. Our experts offer some differences between the right way and the wrong way to install asphalt paving in Vacaville, CA, that will dramatically influence the quality of the finished product.

Right way: Remove existing driveway

It is essential to remove all of the existing driveway to create a flat surface before installing a new asphalt driveway properly. This process is necessary, whether the current driveway is composed of asphalt or another surface like pea gravel. Removing the existing driveway will give your new driveway the best chance of staying intact for the most prolonged period of time.

Wrong-way: Paving over existing the surface

Some DIY kits or contractors may suggest that paving your new asphalt driveway over the existing driveway is a good idea because it could lower costs and save you time. This advice is terrible because installing an asphalt driveway over an uneven surface causes a weakened structure. It is entirely worth the effort and time to remove the existing driveway before installation begins.

Right way: Let the base settle

A base constructed of crushed rock and soil is found below a properly installed asphalt driveway. This base is an essential feature for drainage and other construction-related concerns. It takes a bit of time for the base to settle appropriately enough to install asphalt over it, but it is critical to allow this time.

Wrong-way: Rush to put on asphalt

 Installing the highest number of asphalt sufaces is a priority for many paving contactors because it maximizes their profit potential. Unfortunately, rushing through a job often leads to inferior installation jobs that don't last long enough. So if your contractor rushes to install the asphalt surface without giving the base time to settle, he prioritizes profits over the quality of your asphalt driveway installation job.

Right way: Rely on a professional

If you want to achieve the best results, hiring a professional asphalt installation company or contractor is necessary. It takes experience and expertise attained from numerous asphalt projects to install smooth and lasting asphalt surfaces. Not spending the extra time and money to ensure a quality installation may cause your asphalt surface to be reconstructed much sooner.

Wrong-way: DIY patching

When there are only small cracks in your asphalt that have not been left alone long enough to allow water intrusion, DIY patching may be sufficient. But once damages on your driveway have become more noticeable, develop potholes, or have an overall unevenness, the time has passed for using DIY patching. Once you get to this point, it is essential to call in an expert. It may still be possible that your driveway is repairable depending on the condition, but only with the help of professional equipment and expertise. Accept advice from a reliable asphalt contractor to evaluate the situation and complete the work accurately.

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