Reasons You Need to Sealcoat Your Driveway

Reasons You Need to Sealcoat Your Driveway

Reasons You Need to Sealcoat Your Driveway

Do you want to keep your driveway, parking lot, or other asphalt-paved surfaces in good condition? Then sealcoating is your best bet. But would it be something you can go without to save money? No! Sealcoating in Austin, TX your driveway offers numerous advantages.  Among the most evident is a neat, beautiful surface, which will increase a property's perceived value. These are a few great reasons why you should seal coat your driveway.

Prevents Expensive Repairs

When your parking lot or driveway is not seal coated, it is immediately exposed to the elements like the weather. Over time, this creates damage such as cracks and potholes. It's costly to repair, and if the damage isn't confined, you might need a new driveway or parking lot sooner than intended. How then do you prevent these high costs? By sealcoating!

Prevents Damage from Fluids

Asphalt is a petroleum product. Therefore, when auto fluids like gas and oil gas pour into the ground, they can melt into the asphalt, which weakens the surface, potentially leading to breakage and cracks. Unavoidably, oil and gas will fall over your asphalt driveway or parking lot. While you can wipe up the spills, it is considerably more convenient to use sealcoating to protect the driveway or parking lot from these damages.

Improves Appearance

Sealcoating is applied in a dark black tint that instantly improves the appearance of your asphalt driveway and the overall appeal of your property. It also has a smooth, non-porous surface that allows rainfall to wash away dirt and debris readily. It maintains your driveway clean and attractive.

Protects Surface from Moisture

Unprotected driveways and unsealed parking lots are subject to the weather, particularly water damage. This problem is exacerbated in the winter because water can sneak into minor gaps and solidify. In addition, frozen water expands, causing larger cracks as well as other types of damage. Sealcoating works to minimize this damage by sealing in microscopic cracks and keeping water out.

Increases Pavement Longevity

Sealcoating is a protective layer applied to your driveway or parking lot that shields it from the weather. It is especially crucial during winter months that bring chilly temperatures, snowfall, rainfall, and frost. Water that has trickled into asphalt cracks may freeze and expand, potentially enlarging driveway gaps. Water and ice damage can be minimized by sealing the asphalt driveway and the cracks.
First, the cracks need to be repaired before asphalt driveway sealing can take place. The asphalt can then be seal coated for added protection. Such treatment will not only enhance the surface's appearance but will also prolong the durability of your driveway.

These are some of the reasons why sealcoating is not something you should overlook.  Even though it may save you money in the short term, it will undoubtedly cost you extra money in the long run when your driveway or parking lot cracks and deteriorates. If you are looking for quality sealcoating in Austin, TX, contact the experts at M Carroll Blacktop to get your free estimate today.

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