Parking Lot Striping with a Reputable Asphalt Paving Contractor

Parking Lot Striping with a Reputable Asphalt Paving Contractor

Parking Lot Striping with a Reputable Asphalt Paving Contractor

Proper parking lot striping is designed to manage traffic flow by marking parking spaces, fire lanes, crosswalks, and other critical no parking zones. In addition, designating accessible parking spaces through parking lot striping is essential to ensure that your parking lot complies with the law.

ADA compliance

Every reputable line striping company can assure that your parking lot markings are compliant with the ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act. Lawmakers designed this wide-ranging law to guarantee better access to society for people who are disabled. Compliance with this law through the use of an experienced asphalt paving contractor will protect your company from costly city violations and fines.

It is vital to work with a company that is familiar with the interworkings of the ADA because failure to achieve compliance with ADA standards could lead to legal trouble when your parking lot is not designed correctly. Though the fines can vary, the cost of having your parking lot restriped is avoidable when you choose the right company for the job.  Be sure to seek an ADA experienced company for asphalt paving in San Antonio, TX, to ensure that you comply with local and federal laws.

Valued Experience

When choosing a company to stripe your parking lots, there are other essential considerations. As with any industry, a company with more experience is likely to do better than any less experienced counterparts. If restriping is the only service required, a paving company can refresh the paint on your existing parking lot lines to make them safer and more visible. If you have sealcoating or other repair services done, the company will take care of these maintenance procedures before restriping your lot following the existing pattern and layout. Any Texas asphalt company with striping experience can assist you in the design of an optimal parking lot layout if you want to redesign your parking lot or if you are having a parking lot installed for the first time.


Locating the best company for asphalt paving in San Antonio, TX, for line striping is often as easy as knowing what you are looking for and where to find it. Any expert paving and sealcoating company should always be fully prepared to manage all of your stenciling and handicap space striping needs. They should always carry the most up-to-date stenciling products to ensure proper handicap spaces that are visible, perfectly placed, and meet ADA standards. In addition, reliable companies will always be ready to set your lot up with a routine maintenance schedule to keep your lot clearly marked and compliant with all local and federal codes.

Contact us today about our parking lot maintenance and striping services. With more than 45 years in the industry, our family-owned and operated paving company can give you the expertise and experience that your parking lot deserves. In addition, we offer free estimates to ensure that our services match up well with your paving, maintenance, and parking lot striping needs.

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