How Your Asphalt Can Be Affected by Inclement Weather

How Your Asphalt Can Be Affected by Inclement Weather

How Your Asphalt Can Be Affected by Inclement Weather

Are you concerned about how your asphalt surfaces will survive the winter?  Do you worry about how heavy rains can affect your paved lots, driveways, and roads?  When you have a paved surface, you need to understand how to take care of it to prevent damages.  As a business that performs repairs and sealcoating in Elk Grove, CA, we understand how weather can affect your pavement.  This is especially true when you have inclement weather in your area.  These are a few ways that your asphalt can be affected during times of heavy rains and winds.

Pooling Water

Flooding is a major concern when you are dealing with inclement weather.  When you notice standing water on your asphalt, you will want to remove these issues as soon as possible.  As water sits on your surfaces, it will deteriorate the quality of the asphalt particles.  Once it breaks down this structure, more damage will soon follow as traffic and weather continue to affect the asphalt.  To remove this water, you need to ensure your asphalt pavers perform proper drainage techniques, like drain installations and proper grading inclines.

Potholes and Cracks

Asphalt is made up of a mix that contains oil, and when oil meets water, it does not mix.  Because of this, it can cause the oil to separate from the asphalt aggregates quicker than expected, which leads to a decreased quality of the asphalt.  As this occurs, it will then cause potholes and cracks to form.  Once the water enters the interior structure of the asphalt, it can cause even more damage.  After a storm passes through your area, you will want to quickly repair any potholes or cracks that you notice.  The sooner you patch these issues, the less damage will occur.

Debris and Obstruction

During times of heavy rains and winds, you may also be concerned about flying debris and potential road obstruction.  When you live in a heavily wooded area or your parking lots are located near many loose structures, you may suffer from debris littering your pavement.  Although this may not cause direct damage, it may cause safety issues for your travelers.  To keep your roads and surfaces clean and clear, be sure to anchor down any loose belongings next to your surfaces before storms.  Also, inspect these surfaces in the day after a storm to remove any obstructions or debris that may pose safety concerns for your customers, drivers, or community.  

These are a few of the main damages that can occur on your pavement during times of inclement weather.  This involves times of heavy rain, strong winds, hurricanes, earthquakes, or even more of the weather that occurs in southern California.  Contact us to hear about our sealcoating in Elk Grove, CA today.

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