How to Make Your Parking Lot Stand Out from Your Competition

How to Make Your Parking Lot Stand Out from Your Competition

How to Make Your Parking Lot Stand Out from Your Competition

Are you looking to improve the appearance and safety of your business?  Do you want to stand out from the rest of your competition by having outstanding curb appeal?  Investing money to improve the function and appearance of your parking lot can allow your customers to see that you value your Texas business.  From asphalt paving to sealcoating in Austin, TX, there are many services that we provide to make sure your business looks great from the outside.  These are a few things you should consider doing to ensure your parking lot stands out from your competition.

Install Handicap Ramps

To promote accessibility, you will want to have handicap ramps in your community.  These should be installed everywhere, but especially in shopping centers, schools, community centers, libraries, and anywhere that requires people to come and visit.  When you promote accessibility, you will be able to welcome anyone to your community center and promote inclusivity in your community.

Create Parking Lot Speedbumps

Many community facilities and large parking lots require speedbumps to prevent speeding accidents from occurring.  If you have a community facility, like a recreational area or a church parking lot, you will want to keep pedestrians safe when they are walking through these areas.  Our professionals will construct speedbumps in any area to promote safety and remove hazards from your community.

Pave Your Parking Lots

Adding parking lots is also a great way to provide a fresh appearance in your community.  These parking lots can be added to any facility to organize traffic patterns, remove tripping hazards, promote cleanliness, and add curb appeal.  Parking lot paving can increase the value and enhance the aesthetic of community buildings and surroundings.

Perform Parking Lot Striping

Once your parking lot is paved, you will also want our professionals to add striping.  When you add striping to your lot, you establish clear flow, which promotes better traffic patterns and keeps everyone safe while driving or walking on these surfaces.  In addition to striping parking spots, we will paint pedestrian walkways, wayfinding arrows and directions, and handicap-accessible spots in your parking lot.

Perform Road Grading

Do you have drainage issues on some community roads?  In order to improve the drainage problems that may lead to water damage, you will want to properly grade your roadways to promote water runoff.  This is important to allow water to flow towards drains, soil, and landscaping instead of pooling on roads and potentially leading to hydroplaning dangers or other auto accidents.

These are just some of the ways to make sure that your parking lot stands out from the other businesses on your block.  Also, when you have these features in your parking lot, you improve accessibility and safety of your customers.  Contact us to hear about our paving and sealcoating in Austin, TX today.

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