How to Improve Your Residential Curb Appeal This Summer

How to Improve Your Residential Curb Appeal This Summer

How to Improve Your Residential Curb Appeal This Summer

Are you looking to update the appearance of your California home?  Whether you are preparing to sell your home or you are simply looking to freshen up the overall appearance of the exterior, you will be happy to know there are few simple ways that you can make a big impact.  These are a few ways that you can improve your curb appeal at your home this summer.

Pave Your Surfaces

Are you tired of looking at a gravel driveway?  Do you want to install a patio for outdoor entertainment?  A simple way to update the curb appeal of your California home is to invest in quality asphalt paving in Sacramento, CA.  When you update your surfaces with pavement, you make them look smooth, attractive, and clean.  This simple update can work wonders to improve the appearance of your home while also increasing the overall value of your property.

Enhance Your Landscaping

Planting a few new shrubs, adding stone or mulch, and doing proper edging to your landscaping beds can go a long way.  When you are looking to add some color or design to your yard, you may want to consider getting your hands a little dirty in the process.  Overgrown shrubs can be pulled and replaced with newer and fresh shrubs that will show off the siding in your house.

Add Some Color

Painting your porch, doors, or even brick can make you feel as though you have a whole new home.  Paint is a simple way to add a fresh and updated appearance to the outside of your home without breaking the bank.  Take some time to consider a few new paint colors and try your hand at adding pops of color to draw some attention your way.

Install Window Boxes

Window planters have become a popular trend that adds color and style to the front of your home.  If you love the look of fresh flowers and greenery, you may want to consider installing a few window boxes underneath the windows in the front of your home.  This can draw attention to the style of your home while also adding natural touches that you can be proud to take care of.

Clean Your Gutters

Other cleaning jobs that can make a large difference on your curb appeal is cleaning your gutters.  When your gutters are clogged, this means that water will not be draining properly from your home.  Over time, this can cause eyesores like deep water stains or permanent issues to your foundation.  Cleaning your gutters will leave them clear of debris, twigs, contaminants, and other issues that cause your home to lose its beautiful appearance

These are some of the simple ways that you can update the curb appeal of your residence without breaking the bank - or your back.  Contact our professionals to hear about our asphalt paving in Sacramento, CA and get started with a fresh appearance today.

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