Four Ways to Avoid Tree Damage to Your Paved Surfaces

Four Ways to Avoid Tree Damage to Your Paved Surfaces

Four Ways to Avoid Tree Damage to Your Paved Surfaces

Are you concerned about trees that are growing too closely to your pavement?  Are you worried that nearby trees could damage your paved surfaces?  When you plant trees or pave your surfaces, you need to be aware of any nearby trees that may be growing near the area.  Paved surfaces require routine maintenance and care to stay in optimal shape, but they also require education before the process even starts.  Asphalt paving in Austin, TX should be done in areas without large trees to prevent damage.  If you have nearby trees, there are a few things you can do to prevent tree damage to your paved surfaces.

Learn Your Trees

Do not assume that all trees will grow to large sizes.  Some trees mature at only five-or-six feet high, meaning their root systems will not be as extensive.  These trees are safe for planting near paved surfaces, as they will not intrude on the underground structures as much as the taller trees.  One of the best things you can do is learn about your trees.  Understand how they mature and educate yourself about their root systems.  This information can help you determine whether they need to be removed before they cause damage to your asphalt or concrete.

Consider Growth

Many people choose to pave their surfaces in the early days of developing their property.  This means that their trees may be much smaller in size at the time of the paving project, which can lead many people to neglect their growth.  However, it is important to plan when you are paving surfaces, and this involves considering how tall your trees will grow in the upcoming years.  Even if you have a small sapling a few feet away from the paved area, you will want to consider removing it to prevent damage later.

Control the Root Growth

Many people neglect caring for the roots of their trees until the damage is done.  However, if you understand how to control the growth of your trees’ roots, you can actually prevent extensive – and expensive – damages to your pavement.  Root removal is just one way that you can control the growth of your roots, so they do not intrude on the underground structure of your pavement.  

Talk to the Experts

If you are concerned about tree placement near your paved surfaces, talk to the experts.  Paving contractors are trained to understand the effects that land, trees, and weather have on paved surfaces.  Consider talking to an experienced paving contractor so that you can prevent tree damage before it even becomes an issue.

These are a few ways that you can prevent trees from damaging your paved surfaces.  If you are looking for a paving expert to assist with your paving needs, trust the experts at M Carroll Blacktop.  Contact us to hear about our services for sealcoating and asphalt paving in Austin, TX today.

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