Four Signs Your Parking Lot May Need to Be Replaced

Four Signs Your Parking Lot May Need to Be Replaced

Four Signs Your Parking Lot May Need to Be Replaced

Are you tired of looking at an old and decrepit parking lot outside of your business?  Are you concerned with the appearance of your old parking lot keeping customers away from your doors?  Parking lots, especially in commercial areas, see a heavy amount of traffic each day.  This can lead to general wear and tear issues much more rapidly than less travelled roads.  As experts in paving with multiple materials, like asphalt, concrete, and chip seal in Sacramento, CA, we help many business owners with their parking lot needs.  These are a few signs that your parking lot may need to be replaced.

There are Cracks Everywhere

Cracks form naturally over time in paved surfaces, but they become worse by chemicals that penetrate the surface, such as oil and gas.  When you have heavy traffic on your parking lot, this is much more common and can happen much quicker. Cracks in the pavement allow water to seep inside, damaging the structure of the paved area.  Long, wide, or deep cracks, however, indicate more serious damage.  When you notice large cracks everywhere, it may be best to replace the entire parking lot.

There are Potholes

Potholes commonly form in asphalt surfaces, and these often cause hazards for your drivers and pedestrians.  Potholes start as small cracks that suffer from water damage that then increases in size as the asphalt expands and contracts.  Filling a pothole can put a band aid over the area and make it seem as though it is fixed, but it is likely that the pothole will recur at some point.  Replacing the pavement is the best way to have a permanent fix.

The Edges are Crumbling

When the parking lot surface begins to fail, look at the edges of the pavement.  The first signs of failed pavement typically occur when the edges begin to crumble.  Edges may appear to be crumbling, jagged, or even completely broken.  This is due to the lack of aggregates that exist on these sections of the pavement.  When you notice this, you might want to call the pros.

You Have Not Maintained the Surface

Lack of maintenance can also cause you to need a parking lot replacement sooner than you expected.  Maintaining, cleaning, and performing basic upkeep duties is necessary to prevent issues from taking over your parking lot.  Routine sweeping, sealcoating, crack repair, and striping will keep your parking lot in optimal shape and condition for much longer.  Without the right maintenance tasks, you may end up needing an entire parking lot resurfacing soon.

These are some of the signs that indicate that your parking lot may need to be replaced.  Although many business owners do not want to hear that

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