Four Issues that Cause Damage to Your Asphalt Surfaces

Four Issues that Cause Damage to Your Asphalt Surfaces

Four Issues that Cause Damage to Your Asphalt Surfaces

Do you have an asphalt parking lot outside your business?  Are you the owner of an asphalt driveway?  Whether you have a large road, a small walkway, or an entire recreational facility that uses asphalt, you will want to keep your asphalt surfaces in optimal condition.  This requires care, maintenance, and repairs on a routine basis.  As experts in asphalt paving in Stockton, CA, we provide services for everything from paving to sealcoating to repairs.  There are a few main issues that you'll want to worry about when it comes to keeping your asphalt surfaces in the best condition.

Direct Sunlight Exposure

Sunlight, which is common in the state of California, can cause your asphalt to deteriorate.  Many surfaces reflect sunlight, but asphalt is not one of them.  It absorbs the sunlight, which can lead to a reduction in its durability that can cause cracking or fissures to occur.  When you notice that your asphalt is suffering from damage related to sun, you will want to call for repairs immediately before the issue worsens.   Fixing these issues quickly is one of the best ways to prevent sun damage from ruining the structure of your surface.

Water Exposure

Standing water is also a danger to the condition of your asphalt.  When water enters through the cracks of your surface, it can seep down into the layers and destroy the overall structural integrity of the entire surface.  The water breaks down the bonds between the asphalt and the aggregates, which requires immediate attention.


Oxidation is the process of breaking down the agents that bind together your asphalt, and it leads to excessive cracking.  When UV light hits your asphalt, it stimulates the process of oxidation.  If you notice a difference in the color of your asphalt, this is an indication that you may have sunlight damage.  Contact the professionals anytime you notice that your typically dark black surface is starting to lighten in color.

Frequent Heavy Traffic

Heavy traffic can also damage asphalt surfaces over time.  When your road or parking lot carries heavy traffic, like garbage trucks, delivery trucks, and other large freight trucks, you will likely suffer from damage caused by the large pressure and weight.  This may require you to resurface the asphalt sooner than you originally intended.  If possible, you may want to guide these larger vehicles down a different path to get to your business and still protect your roads and parking lots.

These are a few of the main issues that are cause for concern for your asphalt surfaces.  If you suspect that your asphalt is damaged or vulnerable to damages, you'll want to have the professionals in asphalt paving in Stockton, CA.  Contact the professionals at M Carroll Blacktop to hear how we can help you today.

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