Five Types of Asphalt Cracking That Require Attention

Five Types of Asphalt Cracking That Require Attention

Five Types of Asphalt Cracking That Require Attention

Although you may not realize it, cracks in your asphalt can cause major damage to the entire structure.  Because of this, you need to tackle these issues as soon as possible to prevent further damages.  Potholes, cracks, and fissures are asphalt problems that should not be ignored.  In fact, it is important to call the experts in asphalt repair and sealcoating in Austin, TX as soon as you first notice these problems on your roads, parking lots, and driveways.  These are a few tips to asphalt cracking that require professional attention and repairs.

Alligator Cracks

Alligator cracks are the most common types of cracks that occur in asphalt surfaces.  They get their name from the way they appear in the asphalt, as they look like the skin of an alligator.  These are the cracks that appear as many small cracks connected together in a spider web, or alligator skin, appearance.  Because they occur as a result of heavy traffic over time, they are also known as fatigue cracking.  Although these cracks may be purely cosmetic, they should also be inspected by an expert to assess a proper repair.

Block Cracking

When you notice a large square or rectangular crack in your asphalt driveway, road, or parking lot, you may be experiencing block cracking.  These types of cracks typically occur in the areas of your pavement that are underutilized, and they can cause severe issues with the function of your entire pavement.  These cracks occur as a result of the freeze and thaw cycle caused by extreme temperature fluctuations.

Slippage Cracking

When a new layer of asphalt is paved over another substance underneath it, it may result in slippage cracking.  This type of cracking will create a rounded appearance in the shape of a crescent.  Typically, these cracks are caused by a lack of bonding between the asphalt and the original substance it is meant to cover.  To prevent this from occurring, you should always work with experts in paving.

Edge Cracking

These types of cracks occur at the edges of your pavement, and they are caused as a result of poor construction and installation techniques.  If the structure lacks the proper amount of support, the edges will begin to crack along the asphalt.  When you notice these cracks, you will want to contact a paving contractor to come out and repair the issue quickly.

Transverse Cracking

When your asphalt is exposed to freezing temperatures in the time right after installation, it can suffer from transverse cracking.  Also known as thermal cracking, these cracks are formations that appear perpendicular to the centerline of the asphalt pavement, and they indicate issues in the proper curing time of your asphalt.  

By understanding the types of cracks that can occur in your asphalt, you can pay attention to these issues as they arise.  Inspecting your parking lots, roads, and driveways on a routine basis is one of the best ways to fix these problems before they get worse.  Contact our experts to hear about our asphalt repair and sealcoating in Austin, TX today.

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