Five Signs that Indicate You Need Paving Services

Five Signs that Indicate You Need Paving Services

Five Signs that Indicate You Need Paving Services

Are you concerned with your customers’ safety as they are driving through your pothole-ridden parking lot?  Do you see many cracks in the pavement of your residential driveway?  Commercial and residential properties look more attractive and function much more efficiently when they have smooth and safe paved surfaces.  As a company that specializes in asphalt paving in Austin, TX, we provide a long-lasting and durable surface, but it still requires care and maintenance to last.  These a few signs that may indicate that you need paving services or repairs.

You Notice Cracks in the Pavement

When you notice any cracks in your pavement, you will want to address these issues quickly to prevent further damage.  If you notice cracks, this may indicate that the pavement is being damaged by heavy traffic or weather.  Paving services will come out to assess what type of fix is needed and then they will take care of it to avoid any further cracking in your asphalt.

You are Concerned about Safety

Are you worried that your customers would trip and fall when they are walking in your parking lot?  From preventing trip and fall accidents to preventing auto accidents in your parking lot, you will want to save yourself from any liabilities by keeping a nice, smooth surface.  Potholes, cracks, and pooling water can all prevent issues that lead to accidents.

You Need to Protect the Surface from the Weather

General wear and tear on your pavement is natural, but you can still do a few things to prevent the damaging effects of weather.  By performing routine inspections and getting bi-yearly sealcoating services, you can create a protective layer on your pavement to protect it from the weather.  Asphalt can be damaged by UV rays, which are present throughout the entire year in Texas.

You Have Drainage Issues

Have you noticed that water sits on your pavement longer then it should?  When you have poor drainage issues, you will want to contact a professional paving company to come out and inspect what is going on.  This could indicate poor sloping or faulty installation.  Water should roll off your pavement when the pros are done with it, and if is not, you need to address these issues immediately.

You Notice Warping or Sinking

If your pavement is warping or sinking in specific locations, you likely have issues with the internal structure of your pavement.  This may require a lengthier repair to prevent this issue from getting worse.  Talk to a professional so that you can take care of these problems quickly.

These are a few signs that indicate it is time for you to invest in some quality paving services for your business or home.  When you notice many eyesores or issues developing on the paved surfaces, it may be time for you to ask about repairs and asphalt paving in Austin, TX.  Contact M Carroll Blacktop to hear how we can help you today.

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