Five Road Maintenance Tasks Every Municipality Will Need

Five Road Maintenance Tasks Every Municipality Will Need

Five Road Maintenance Tasks Every Municipality Will Need

Are you looking to enhance the roadways and infrastructure in your community?  Do you manage the township or local municipality road maintenance crews?  When it comes to maintaining the community, you have your work cut out for you.  There are many different roads, public parks, municipal buildings and parking lots, and other paved features that will need attention on a routine basis.  As experts in asphalt paving in Dallas Fort Worth, TX, we help many municipalities care for their roads.  There are a few road maintenance tips that every municipality will need to follow.

Patch Potholes and Seal Cracks

Basic road maintenance involves patching potholes and sealing any cracks.  Not only does this provide a smooth and appealing road surface, but it is also safer for drivers.  When you have roads that are riddled by potholes or large cracks, this can cause accidents to happen right under your nose.  Also, when you let these issues persist over time, they can actually cause water to seep in and destroy the structural integrity of your roads.


Sealcoating is a service that should be done a routine basis to provide your roads with an additional layer of protection.  Sealcoating will provide a protective layer that keeps chemicals, oil spills, and other contaminants from seeping into the internal structure of your roadways, which is important in making sure that the roads last a long time.

Grade and Sweep Roads

When you notice that a road is bumpy, you may need to perform grading to remove this issue.  Bumpy roads, poorly draining roads, or roads that are placed on steep hills will need to be properly graded in order to ensure safety and functionality.  You will want to study the water drainage of the area to also grade the road in the right way to provide water with the right run-off direction.

Pavement Striping and Markings

In order to promote traffic flow in the right direction, you will want to make sure that your pavement markings are clearly visible.  These will fade over time, which can decrease their effectiveness.  Consider having pavement striping in parking lots to provide a clear organization of the area and promote safety and proper traffic flow.

Remove Roadside Hazards

In the event of heavy winds or rain, roads may be cluttered with debris, like branches, tree limbs, leaves, and rocks.  It is often up to the township to remove any potential roadside hazards or issues.  These will typically be reported by citizens that notice them, and they will need to be tended to quickly in order to avoid any accidents or additional damages.

Whether you are the owner of a facility or you manage the recreational department in your township, you will want to make sure that your roads are properly maintained and cared for.  This will prevent issues from destroying the surfaces and placing your residents at risk of accidents.  If you are looking for quality asphalt paving in Dallas Fort Worth, TX, contact the experts at M Carroll Blacktop for help today.

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