Five Common Types of Asphalt Damage

Five Common Types of Asphalt Damage

Five Common Types of Asphalt Damage

Have you noticed that your asphalt surfaces have been suffering from wear-and-tear damage?  Are you wondering whether you need to perform repairs on your asphalt?  To prevent damage to your asphalt surfaces, you need to perform routine maintenance to the surface.  Everything from pothole repair to sealcoating in San Antonio, TX will be able to improve the look of your surfaces while also protecting it from wear-and-tear issues.  These are some of the most common types of asphalt damage.


It is normal for asphalt to have some minor cracking over time, but if you notice that these cracks start to get larger or spread out over time.  Over time, materials can start to dry and crack even worse.  This can occur because of heavy traffic, weather, plant life, and chemicals.  The more your asphalt is exposed to these elements, the more at risk they are for damage.  Be sure to tend to any large cracks as soon as you notice them so that you can repair them before they cause damage to the interior structure.


Potholes are another large concern for asphalt surfaces, especially when they have a lot of heavy traffic or exposure to inclement weather.  This can be also caused by poor water drainage.  These depressions in the surface of your asphalt can cause accidents on your roadways, or they can just be eyesores all around.  To prevent them from getting any larger, you need to patch potholes quickly after you notice them develop.

Drainage Issues

Water that does not drain properly off the side of the asphalt can also pose a large issue.  Not only can this cause puddles and running water on the asphalt itself, but it can cause standing water to start to degrade the quality of the surface.  When water seeps into the interior structure of your asphalt, it can cause potholes, cracks, or fissures.  These issues will only get worse if they are not quickly repaired.


At first, your asphalt surfaces will appear to be beautiful, black, sleek surfaces.  The binder in asphalt, which is called bitumen, will oxidize over time.  This will cause the bright black color to become ashier and grayer.  Many people see the oxidation process as a lackluster appearance, and they choose to have sealcoating done to preserve the original state of the asphalt.

Crumbling Pavement

Asphalt is also susceptible to crumbling when oxidation and spreading cracks merge together.  Heavy traffic can also speed up the crumbling of your pavement.  When you notice these issues, you should patch up the cracks in your pavement and clean up the affected area immediately.  This will prevent you from needing to replace your asphalt sooner than expected.

These are some of the most common types of asphalt damage that can wreak havoc on your surfaces.  To prevent damage to your pavement, you need to perform some routine preventative maintenance.  Trusting the experts in asphalt and chip seal in

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