Choosing Asphalt Over Concrete Paving

Choosing Asphalt Over Concrete Paving

Choosing Asphalt Over Concrete Paving

 Asphalt paving in Austin, TX, is an excellent alternative to concrete due to its flexibility and durability. Asphalt is much less prone to cracking than concrete due to its higher rate of flexibility. Asphalt is also a less expensive paving option than concrete. Because of its ability to continually adjust to varying weather conditions and how it can effortlessly shift and move, asphalt is an excellent solution to meet your paving needs. It can easily withstand heavy trucks and vehicles' abuse while conforming easily to ever-changing weather conditions.

Easy installation

Asphalt is much easier to install in Texas because of our consistently warmer weather conditions. In colder climates, asphalt installers must use care to ensure the proper ground and ambient temperatures to guarantee an appropriate installation and curing. Asphalt paving is sensitive to moisture and temperature during the installation process.

 Asphalt paving requires warmer temperatures to give a contractor plenty of time to apply the paving materials properly before they harden. Temperatures should be around 70 degrees Fahrenheit during asphalt installation. In addition, moisture and wind will sometimes disrupt asphalt paving services. Too much moisture can ruin freshly laid asphalt, so contractors will delay pouring asphalt at the first sign of significant humidity to protect your investment and their reputation.

Easy maintenance

Another critical factor to be aware of regarding Texas asphalt paving services is sealcoating. Ultraviolet rays can often dry out and harden asphalt paved surfaces due to the intense Texas sun. Continued exposure to UV rays will accelerate erosion and raveling of the asphalt surface and lead to a reduced surface thickness a few years down the road. Sealcoating is designed to prevent erosion and should be done within a year of installation and every 2 to 3 years to avoid costly repairs or the need for complete resurfacing.

It is easy to enhance the overall appearance of asphalt surfaces with sealcoating because it works to restore the surface’s black coloring. In addition, maintenance and sweeping are made much easier with the even, smooth surface that sealcoating provides. Sealcoating also protects asphalt surfaces from fluid leaks like oil, gasoline, and coolant that can break down the asphalt over time and cause the need for costly repairs. Sealcoating makes maintaining asphalt surfaces easier and less expensive over time.

Valued experience

Locating a reputable Texas asphalt paving contractor is not always easy. Successful installation that will last for decades requires teaming up with an asphalt company that has decades of experience dealing with the intricacies involved with our Texas climate.

Contact us today for more information on asphalt paving in Austin, TX. Our family-owned and operated paving company has been in business for more than 45 years giving us the experience and expertise to meet all of your paving needs. We provide installation, maintenance, and repairs to ensure your asphalt surfaces can withstand the test of time. We also offer free quotes so you can be sure we are the right company for the job at hand.

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