Asphalt Paving Maintenance and Repair

Asphalt Paving Maintenance and Repair

Asphalt Paving Maintenance and Repair

Protecting paved asphalt surfaces is primarily done through sealcoating, crack sealing, and asphalt repairs. The best asphalt paving contractors know that high-quality products, crack sealing, and asphalt pavement repairs are essential for preparing a surface to be sealcoated.

Fresh asphalt

New asphalt paving is tightly compacted, has a deep black color, and has an oily appearance. Sealcoating is the best way to protect new asphalt surfaces from deterioration and to protect it from future costly repairs. Sealcoating is a perfect way for property owners to protect their long-term asphalt investment and keep their asphalt surfaces looking and functioning at their very best.


Increasing the life span of freshly laid asphalt pavement requires sealcoating within a year of initial installation and every 2 to 3 years after, depending on weather conditions, traffic volume, and UV exposure. Sealcoating in Ripon, CA, is the most cost-effective way to avoid future pavement failures and costly repairs.

  • Sealcoating protects from weather damage – The sealcoating process provides a strong layer of protection to prevent damage from water intrusion.
  • Sealcoating protects from oxidation – UV rays from the sun can dry out and harden paved surfaces, but sealcoating can resolve and protect from the oxidation process.
  • Sealcoating restores pavement’s beauty – The sealcoating process will restore the asphalt’s rich black coloring and help to enhance a property’s overall curb appeal.
  • Sealcoating resists damage from fluids – Fluids like oil, gas, and transmission fluid can break down asphalt components, but sealcoating resists the harmful effects.

Crack sealing

Cracks in asphalt can expand due to water intrusion into deeper layers of the structure. When left untreated, the inner layers of the asphalt begin to soften and develop into spider web cracking or alligator cracking, an advanced stage of asphalt failure. These terms were coined because the asphalt cracks resemble a spider web or an alligator hide.

In some cases, contractors can still repair the asphalt surface without the expense of resurfacing or repaving with a crack sealer. Crack sealing is designed to help hold the compromised asphalt surface together and allow sealcoating to protect from further costly damage. However, if the damage done is already extensive, the best long-term solution is to replace the area of damaged asphalt. Replacement requires cutting out the damaged area and replacing the existing structure with new asphalt.

Maintenance services

Sealcoating to lock in the asphalt binders on newly installed asphalt is the best choice to prevent future asphalt damages. The sealcoating process will help the surface retain its flexibility, resist cracking, and endure temperature changes. Sealcoating is the most intelligent and cost-effective choice for maintaining the integrity of your asphalt surfaces.

Having a preventative maintenance plan in place will help increase the lifespan of asphalt surfaces and help to address minor asphalt issues early on to protect your asphalt investment. It is vital to keep up with proper maintenance to keep water and other dangerous chemicals out of the inner layers of your asphalt surface.

Contact us today for more information on sealcoating in Ripon, CA. With over 45 years in the asphalt paving industry, our family-owned and operated paving company has the experience and expertise to help extend the life of your asphalt surfaces.

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