6 Signs that Your Commercial Parking Lot Could Benefit from Sealcoating.

6 Signs that Your Commercial Parking Lot Could Benefit from Sealcoating.

6 Signs that Your Commercial Parking Lot Could Benefit from Sealcoating.

As a commercial parking lot owner, you likely know the significance of sealcoating its paved surface. For those who do not know the term, a Sealcoat is a protective layer that can prevent damage due to weather conditions like sun and rain, harsh chemicals, and so much more. But Sealcoat doesn't last forever. Resealing your parking lot periodically is vital for preserving its surface and the asphalt materials below it. This will help you save on repair and replacement costs in the process. Experts offer these six signs that your business could benefit from parking lot sealcoating in Copperopolis, CA.

Small cracks

Experts recommend that a parking lot with small cracks be sealcoated again before the cracks have time to widen. It is essential to understand that only small cracks can be present before applying a layer of Sealcoat. You must repair more significant damage before a professional sealcoating company can provide service to your parking lot.

Extensive cracks will need to be filled with a crack filling agent, and potholes of any size will have to be repaired. Otherwise, the sealcoat is unable to offer your lot enough protection.

Vegetation growth

 As you're inspecting your parking lot, you may notice the beginnings of vegetation growth inside the small cracks of your lot. Tiny blades of grass peeking through the surface are signs of a crack formation. Even hairline cracks can host the growth of weeds. Again, as mentioned above, a sealcoat can be applied over small cracks. But if a plant has grown out of your lot, that means that roots lie below the surface. Therefore, it is vital to reseal parking lots while cracks are still small and non-threatening.

Surface color fading

Parking lots are at their darkest when the asphalt is freshly installed or when it's seal coated. Therefore, a parking lot should have a deeper black finish. And though the black will begin to fade over time, be aware that fading to a gray color is a sign that it's time to seal coat it again. Sealcoating can restore the asphalt surface to its original black color and protect the parking lot from future damage.

Natural aging

The frequency of the need for resealing a parking lot depends on several factors. These factors can include the use, age, climate, and quality of the sealcoat. A safe way to go is to hire a professional sealcoating company to sealcoat to a parking lot every few years. The sealcoating process preserves the structural integrity and appearance of the parking lot. If sealcoating has not been applied in the last five years, call a paving contractor now.

Cold weather approaches

The coming of winter also means that the rain and frost are on their way. Rain and ice below the surface of a paved surface can cause issues on your parking lot, especially lots that are already compromised by heavy traffic regularly or existing damage. Therefore, it is vital to be proactive and sealcoat parking lots well before winter arrives.

Fluid stains

The weather, regular use, and age can cause a parking lot damage. So can build-up of vehicle fluid leaks and other harsh chemicals. Fluids like coolant and motor oil, which are typically left behind from leaking vehicles, can leach through the unprotected asphalt, but a fresh layer of sealcoat can prevent that from happening.

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