3 Parking Lot Problems A Paving Company Can Solve

3 Parking Lot Problems A Paving Company Can Solve

3 Parking Lot Problems A Paving Company Can Solve

Looking at your parking lot from a resident, visitor, or customer’s perspective is an essential thing to do when you own or manage commercial property. You want your parking lot to make a great first impression for the sake of your clientele. Suppose it is an apparent safety hazard to foot traffic or vehicles. In that case, it is likely causing tenants to seek housing elsewhere or customers to drive right by to the next business offering the services you offer.

Many property owners and managers forget about their parking lots until they become a severe problem. Once you start getting complaints from tenants or customers, you have likely already lost a few who were not brave enough to come in and make a complaint. Losing customers or tenants to a parking lot in poor repair is not the kind of problem you want your business to be known for.

Keeping up with the repairs and maintenance required to keep your parking lot safe and inviting starts with acquiring the services of a licensed and insured paving contractor who offers a comprehensive plan for preventative care. Sealcoating in Lathrop, CA, asphalt repairs, and other parking lot maintenance should be left to experienced professionals to ensure the longevity of your asphalt surface. In addition, finding a paving company you can trust to offer practical solutions and fair pricing is vital for a long-lasting business relationship.

Problem Solvers

To give you the best service available, your chosen asphalt paving professionals should be on the lookout for the following problems:

  • Drainage troubles

If water gathers in areas on your parking lot after a rainstorm or clients are forced to jump strategically across big puddles to get in and out of their cars or reach the sidewalk, you definitely have drainage problems. An expert asphalt paving company will evaluate your parking lot’s drainage problems and develop a plan to resolve any drainage issues. Drainage issues can develop for many different reasons. Standing water can develop from heavier traffic than what the pavement was initially designed for, causing depressions in the asphalt surface. Localized leveling can correct the asphalt grading effectively through repairs made by a trusted asphalt contractor. Other drainage issues require other asphalt solutions that your contractor can help you better understand.

  • Faded parking lot lines

Parking lot lines that are faded and barely visible to motorists and pedestrians can be a safety risk. The safe and efficient traffic flow depends on clearly visible line striping to guide people and traffic through markings like crosswalks and stop lines. In addition, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance requires a particular parking lot layout to avoid heavy fines. A professional paving contractor can design and install a parking lot layout and traffic flow plan to keep you in compliance and maximize your available space.

  • Potholes

When driving through your parking lot feels like a rollercoaster ride, you have a pothole problem. Potholes present a safety hazard for pedestrians and can cause significant damages to vehicles and tires. They can also incite accident and injury claims that can be costly to settle and risk the possibility of increased insurance premiums.

Therefore, you should repair potholes as quickly as possible to avoid more extensive damage from moisture penetration within the base of the asphalt structure. Though potholes can often be avoided with the use of crack filling and sealcoating, fixing them as soon as you notice them may help you avoid the need for complete asphalt surface replacement.

Contact us today for sealcoating in Lathrop, CA, and all of your other asphalt paving needs. Let us give your commercial parking lot the beauty and functionality your business deserves.

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