Why Do I Need to Sealcoat My Asphalt Parking Lot?

Why Do I Need to Sealcoat My Asphalt Parking Lot?

Why Do I Need to Sealcoat My Asphalt Parking Lot?

Are you wondering why your parking lot has to have another layer of sealcoat every year?  Do you get tired of maintaining your own parking lot to keep it in optimal shape?  When you have an asphalt parking lot, you will need to perform routine maintenance in order to keep in the best shape.  This will save you the money it would cost for an expensive and premature replacement.  There are a few essential reasons why you need to protect your parking lot from these hazards.

Heavy Traffic

If your business receives daily or weekly deliveries from large trucks, or you have a large parking lot that encourages many types of vehicles to enter, you may suffer from damage of heavy vehicles and traffic.  Heavy weight can cause your parking lot to breakdown, which can cause large cracks or potholes to develop.  To protect your surface from heavy traffic, change up the traffic patterns on a routine basis and perform proper maintenance each year.

Poor Drainage

Without the right drainage system, water can collect on your parking lot and cause damage over time.  You should ensure that you have proper run off after large rainstorms.  Poor drainage systems will allow the water to seep into the interior structure of your parking lot and cause a lot of expensive damage.  A quality paving company will make sure that your parking lot is equipped with a great drainage system to prevent water from pooling and damaging the surface.  

Oil and Gasoline Leaks

Cars that remain parked on your lot can actually damage your parking lot if it is not properly sealed.  Materials like oil and gasoline can actually harm your parking lot paving materials and cause it to break down quickly.  To prevent this from happening, you should perform routine sealcoating in Bandera, TX.  The sealcoating will provide a protective layer that keeps toxic and dangerous elements from damaging your surface.

Harsh Weather Conditions

Many people don't know that the weather can negatively affect many paving surfaces.  Sunshine and UV rays can cause your asphalt surfaces to break down, which can make them susceptible to cracking and potholes.  Also, heavy rains can cause cracking or even pooling water over time.  If these cracks are not quickly repaired, the water can continue to damage the interior structure of your parking lot.  Without proper maintenance, this can cause expensive repairs and replacements.

Poor Installation

When you trust the right paving company to do the job, you will not have battle issues with your parking lot.  However, not all paving companies are created equal.  If you are looking for quality paving in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, you'll want to trust the experts at M Carroll Blacktop.

These are just five of the hazards that you need to look out for when you install an asphalt parking lot outside of your business.  To spare yourself from being liable for any customer injuries or lose business from the eyesores of potholes and cracks, you'll want to trust quality paving in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas.  Contact us for your free quote today.

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