How to Tell Your Asphalt Driveway Needs to Be Replaced

How to Tell Your Asphalt Driveway Needs to Be Replaced

How to Tell Your Asphalt Driveway Needs to Be Replaced

Asphalt driveways tend to last about 25-30 years when they are properly maintained throughout their lifetime.  Although this is longer than many other road surface materials, this type of surface will require routine maintenance to keep it in optimal condition.  If you fail to maintain your asphalt or suffer irreparable damages, you may need to replace your asphalt driveway sooner than expected.  As a company that specializes in asphalt paving in Dallas Fort Worth, TX, we provide the best paving services for residential and business communities in our region.  There are a few signs that indicate it may be time for you to replace your asphalt driveway.

Large Cracks

Even though cracks in your asphalt are inevitable, you may want to repair them before they get worse.  Once the cracks grow, they may be irreparable.  Cracks can eventually cause large breakage, and this can create dangerous driving conditions on your driveway.  Also, you want your driveway to be free of any tripping hazards when you need to walk on it as well.  Once a crack becomes large, you may not be able to patch it up.  This means that you will require an entirely new driveway replacement.

Extreme Discoloration

Discoloration of your asphalt driveway can indicate that weather is wreaking havoc on your asphalt.   Exposure to the sun and extreme heat can cause discoloration over time.  This can weaken the strength of your asphalt, which can cause breakage, potholes, or cracks to form.  Over time, this can cause breakage or large potholes to form all throughout your asphalt.  Eventually, this will deem your driveway unusable.  

Accumulating Water

When your asphalt is having trouble properly draining, large issues can occur.  This can cause moss and algae to grow, and it can also allow water to seep into the sublayer of your asphalt and damage the structural integrity of your driveway.  If you notice rainwater pooling on your driveway, you will want to call your asphalt company right away.

Large Potholes

Potholes can also cause driving hazards and eyesores on your driveway.   They can also cause personal injury, especially in the dark when it is difficult to see them. If you allow these potholes to grow larger in size, you may end up needing to replace your entire driveway.  However, when these potholes are small in size, they are easy and inexpensive to patch.

These are a few signs that you may need to replace or repair your asphalt driveway.  When you need the experts to come out and inspect your asphalt driveway to determine its condition, you want to trust the best company in asphalt paving in Dallas Fort Worth, TX.  Contact us to schedule an appointment with our experienced paving team today.

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