Four Ways to Optimize Space in Your Texas Parking Lot

Four Ways to Optimize Space in Your Texas Parking Lot

Four Ways to Optimize Space in Your Texas Parking Lot

Are you looking to have your parking lot repainted and restriped?  Sometimes changing up the flow of your parking lot can maximize its space and optimize the amount of customers that can travel and park at your business.  This can lead more people into your doors, which will be a great boost for your business.  When you are considering having your parking lot redone, you will want to hire the professionals in sealcoating in San Antonio, TX.  We understand how to optimize your space, the proper materials to use for the job, and the quality you deserve for your business.  There are four ways that you can optimize space in the parking lot of your Texas business.

Consider Different Angles

When you are painting parking spaces on the asphalt, consider painting them with a 90-degree angle.  This will make parking easier and also optimize parking spaces available.  If possible, your parking lot should be rectangular.  An irregular shape will decrease the ability to optimize space and also make it difficult to configure, which can ultimately confuse people as they drive through.  Consider have two-way traffic between each parking area to allow for maximum flow.  People love to weave down every aisle to look for the best spot, and one-way streets may be confusing for some.

Use Traffic Signs

There is no easier way to guide people than to place traffic signs in areas of confusion or direction changes.  These help ensure safety and efficiency in your parking lot.  They can indicate areas of pedestrian walkways, handicapped accessibility, speed limit changes, and also any driving rules for the roads nearby.  

Paint Asphalt Markings

In order to save space while also still alerting drivers to the proper traffic patterns of your parking lot, you can paint asphalt markings, such as arrows, to alert drivers.  Asphalt markings are common and popular in Orlando driveways, as they keep traffic moving and don't take up any additional space in the lot.  These are popular to mark handicap-accessible spots and walkways and also arrows that indicate which way drivers should be headed.  These help to keep your parking lot safe.  Asphalt markings should be bold in color and also size to make them easily visible and readable.  

Use Concrete Barriers

In order to ensure safety and provide boundaries, the use of concrete barriers along the front of parking spots is a great idea.  Concrete barriers can help drivers stay aware of the limitations of each parking space, while also protecting nearby streets or landscaping.  A concrete barrier or curb is a great way to indicate that customers have reached the boundaries of your parking lot, and it could spare them from getting in an accident or hitting another parked car.

These are four ways that you can optimize the space and promote efficient traffic patterns in your Texas parking lot.  This will encourage drivers to enjoy their experience when they enter your business, and it can also allow more people to park and come on in.  When you choose to work with our experts in sealcoating in San Antonio, TX, you choose quality.  Contact us to hear about the range of commercial paving, parking lot, and repair services we offer today.

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